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baby ha1ley: you're so ugly
baby ha1ley: stop stealing my pix
I cherry lips I: uhm if im stealing your pix how would u know if I'm ugly??
baby ha1ley: cuz i just know
baby ha1ley: you and stephanie both
I cherry lips I: ok well the other day u told me that pic of stephanie was a model and not her
I cherry lips I: and now stephanie is ugly
I cherry lips I: do u know alot of ugly models??
baby ha1ley: yes
I cherry lips I: oh ok just checking
baby ha1ley: and I know you don't really live in florida
I cherry lips I: who told you?
baby ha1ley: stephanie
baby ha1ley: i know you're her cousin and thats the only reason she's nice to you
I cherry lips I: right and i live in massachusetts?
baby ha1ley: yes thats why stephanie calls u mass sister, idiot. u think people wouldn't figure it out
I cherry lips I: gosh, i just never thought id meet anyone so smart
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